The purpose of The Small Group Podcast is to have genuine conversations about the ups and downs of faith, family, & everyday life (and have some fun doing it).

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#006: My Brother’s Eye

Seems like everyone has an opinion and no one is afraid to express it. Many times, Christians are the worst. I know because I used to be the worst. Christians take jabs at...

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#005: Trust God

Over the last several years, I have often heard God say, “Trust Me.” At times it’s really frustrating. I want to know the plan. I want to know more details....

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#004: Identity In Christ

Do you know who you are? Often times as believers we struggle with our identity. We identify ourselves as our successes. We identify ourselves as our failures. There are many...

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#002: God’s Timing

Have you ever noticed that God’s timing is rarely the same as your timing. I’ve heard it said before that God is never late, but I would also add to that He is not...

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#001: Sun & Shield

Often in our walk with Christ, we only get little glimpses into what is next. God shows us a step and asks us to take that step without seeing the whole journey. It can be...

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#000: Welcome!

Welcome to the brand new christian podcast: The Small Group Podcast. Over the last several years, both podcasts and small groups have played a significant role my...

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